Film Role Year Director
DEVON (post prod) Kat (Lead) 2020 Jenni Farley (J-Woww)
Sars 29 (Amazon Prime) (post) Cathy Stiles  2020 Michael Szymczyk
Krazy, beautiful (post) Vik 2020 So Young Yang
Trip To The Moon (post) Polly Tishan 2020 Brian M Finn/NBC
Cato19 (post) Laura 2020 Tara Rule
Before The Fern    Veronica 2020 Tara Rule
Girl In The Palms      Justine 2020 Jon Russel Cring
Earth Day 2030      Theater Group Director 2019 Joe Murphy
It’s Not The End Of The World Mel- Lead 2019 Joshua Owens
Project No. 1 Solo Main Character 2019 Sarah Pezdek
The Night We Met Pam 2016 John Russel Cring
Little Bi Peep Porno Emma 2013 Anna Shields
Angry Orange Deodorizer Product User 2020 Tube Science/Jarrey Keisling
Growtok Promo Tiktok User 2020 Halcyon Productions
Vervebook Ad Facebook User  2020 Sam Sebree
Spotifex Ad Spotify User 2020 Halcyon Productions
Pingrowth Promo Influencer 2020 Sam Sebree
StreamUpgrade Ad  Twitch Streamer 2020 Halcyon Productions
Tubekarma Ad Influencer 2020 Sam Sebree
Twenvy Ad Twitter User 2020 Halcyon
Rocky Horror Janet 2014  The Palace Theatre
Music Video      
She Sucks The Life Out Of Me Female Murderer 2013 John Cring
21st Century Demon Hunter (Amazon Prime, AppleTV) Neighbor 2020 Charles Lincoln
American Portrait (PBS) Interviewee 2020 PBS
TVFilm Series Film Maker (self) 2020 WMHT
Episodic Series       
The Contantine Chronicles Eloise (lead) 2020 Klickpicks
Dreamers (post prod) Dreamer (lead) 2020 Tarik Karam
Musical Theater      
Woodstock Era Experience   Melanie Safka, Grace Slick, Michelle Phillips, Merry Clayton 2010-2013 Gary Weinlein
60’s Rock Experience  Melanie Safka, Merry Clayton  2013-2014 Gary Weinlein
The Sound Of Music Elsa 2008 Deborah May
Live Performance      
Rockin’ on the River Merry Clayton (Rolling Stones) 2012 WEQX
August, Osage County Barbara  2020 Blue Horse Repertoire Co.
Trip To Bountiful Jessie Mae 2020 Lora Lee Ecobelli
The Childrens Hour Karen 2020 Blue Horse Repertoire Co.
A Life On Pause Cato 2020 Schenectady Civic Players
Cereal  Pleather 2008 Richard Messina
Little Shop Of Horrors DooWop Girl 2007 Jessica Crisci
Theater Institute At Sage Colleges   2020 Lora Lee Ecobelli
Cato (film) Cinematographer, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Composer  2020 Tara Rule
Before The Fern (Short) Cinematographer, Writer, Director, Producer, Editor, Composer  2020 Tara Rule
Last Frankenstein Props 2020  
Girl In The Palms Cinematographer, Editor, Lighting 2020 Jon Russel Cring
Darcy Storyboard/Art Dept 2017 Heidi Philipsen
Creeping, Crawling  Special Effects, Makeup 2013 Joshua Owens
Albums and Compositions      
Soundtrack for Cato Composer 2020 Tara Rule
Soundtrack for Before The Fern Composer 2020 Tara Rule
Niche – Album by OsmelXDevinB Featured Singer 2017 OzAlone
Requiem For The Common Man – Song by Macalla Featured Singer 2017 Seabreeze Productions
Hollis Green Self Titled Album Featured Singer 2014 Hollis Green
Whispering Circle Self Titled Album Singer, Guitar, Keyboards 2013 Whispering Circle
Other Accolades      
TVFilm Season 12 – Short Film Award for “Before The Fern” Writer, Director, Cinematographer, Composer 2020 WMHT
NYSSMA – Best in Italian Aria for Don Giovanni’s ‘Verdrai Carino’ Singer 2008 New York State School Music Association